PRA Concern Follow-up and Resolution

PRA Concern Follow-up and Resolution

Upon completion of a pressure relief analysis (PRA) or a flare study for existing installations, Inglenook reports a list of design issues that reflects deviations from industry standards, such as ASME, API and ISO, and company corporate and site practices.  

Examples of these deviations include:

  • Undersized relief devices
  • Excessive inlet and outlet pressure drops
  • Inappropriate set pressure
  • Unprotected equipment
  • Low outlet temperature

OSHA requires that any issues of non-conformity to be tracked and resolved in a timely manner. To this goal, Inglenook brings proven experience in the provision of technically sound and practical recommendations that include interim means to ensure safe operation of the affected systems until the long-term corrective actions can be taken.

We guide our clients through the process of validating the credibility of the deviation, estimate the maximum accumulation for undersized relief devices and perform risk ranking of the concerns in order to develop a schedule based on safety priority.

When engineering design for resolution is needed, we will work closely with our clients to develop a mitigation process design package, which includes detailed engineering calculations as part of the support documentation.


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