Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our vision

We at Inglenook Engineering envision a world in which processing facilities operate efficiently and effectively without injuring personnel or the community; whether due to immediate effects, such as loss of containment, or long-term effects, such as damage to the environment.

How we do it

To accomplish this vision, we strive to safeguard personnel, preserve the environment, and protect our client’s assets by increasing the effectiveness of process safety management systems at our client’s facilities. We endeavor to provide valuable process engineering services to our clients; and we recognize that deep technical knowledge, enthusiasm, and industriousness are integral to our success.

Why we do it

We like to solve problems and we like to do technical work.  We believe our experience and expertise can help our clients identify practical solutions to process safety and engineering problems.  We understand that not every project or engineering solution will be beautiful and that the same tool cannot be used to solve every problem, but that is what makes the work exciting to us.  We believe that our vision is possible; and if we continue to broaden our skill sets, we can continue to help our clients create safer operating environments.

Please read the profiles of our key personnel for more information on how we have helped clients increase the effectiveness of their process safety management programs.  If you would like to know more about our specific project experience please contact us.

The Origin of Our Name – INGLENOOK