Independent Technical Consulting and Review

Independent Technical Consulting and Review

Inglenook is comprised of technical consultants and industry recognized experts in the engineering design of relief systems. These individuals have unparalleled hands-on experience of overpressure scenario evaluation and relief sizing calculation for relief systems across the oil and gas, petrochemical and specialty chemical industries. 

Typical Services Provided Include:

  • Assisting clients in the development of their internal design practices, identifying differences between these and industry best practices, and determining what risk is associated with these differences.
  • Performing third-party quality assurance audits on engineering design work completed by other contractors. Such audits often include a targeted sampling of identified scenarios, calculations and assumptions.
  • Working with client management to develop tailored scope of works, including new work processes, to address specific needs, recognizing that a full relief system revalidation and documentation project is not always the best use of resources.

While this type of work is highly specialized and application specific, Inglenook has been able to develop frameworks for these services that can be quickly incorporated into client specific projects.

Specific project solutions completed by Inglenook include:

  • Development of a standard relief system design basis for upstream wellhead and gas compression facilities, by leveraging design similarities across an operating area.
  • Revalidation of the relief system design basis for refineries through a systematic and comprehensive review of the MOCs and other refinery generated action items from PHA and incident investigations.  The review included a detailed analysis on the effectiveness and capability of the MOC program to capture changes to the relief system design as well as a baseline review to ensure no high consequence scenarios were missed in the previous detailed analysis.
  • Review and comparison of client standards against newer revisions of industry documents such as API 521 and API 2000. Such projects typically include suggested modifications to client standards where appropriate.

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