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J Heil and BA Pack, “Vendor Supplied Equipment: Ensuring PSV Design Meets PSV Spec”, Laurence Reid Gas Conditioning Conference 2014

Gas processing facilities often include standard equipment and process units that are assembled onto one or more skids by the vendor or packager. These systems may be sold or are often rented to operators for use at their facilities. Much care is taken during procurement to ensure the packaged equipment meets various operating company standards on a wide range of design details, such as, pressure and temperature rating, metal thickness and corrosion allowances, paint color, and welding procedures; however, experience shows that the overpressure protection system design is often overlooked or looked at in isolation, which does not allow the packager to view process hazards outside of the equipment being supplied. The operator is then left to retrofit appropriate relief systems on delivery, or worse, inadequate overpressure protection systems are placed into service. The Authors’ will share their experience in review of several common packaged, skid mounted systems and provide recommendations for specific relief system design issues commonly found with each type of system. In closing, a work process and generalized checklist will be recommended in order to help facilitate communication between the operator and supplier of these systems, ensuring alignment exists between the operator and packager, and the relief system design is consistent with industry, or operator, standards.

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Vendor Supplied Equipment: Ensuring PSV Design Meets PSV Spec Vendor Supplied Equipment: Ensuring PSV Design Meets PSV Spec (417 KB)